Exile Music(k) re-releasing Panzergod’s “Deathshrouds Bestowed” on CD

A year and a half ago Exile Music(k) began with our first release on cassette with Panzergod’s “Deathshrouds Bestowed” which was limited to 50 copies and sold out quickly.  After seeking other avenues for the CD release of this traditional black metal tour de force, Exile and Panzergod have decided to team up again and make it available on the more accessible format with some extras.

Last year (2016) saw the Portland Oregon black metal stalwarts join in unholy alliance with Texas label Red River Family Records to release the cassette e.p. “Under Crimson Moons” with newest member Destroyer, which with the label’s  diabolical blessing will be included in the “Deathshrouds Bestowed” full length CD.

“Deathshrouds Bestowed” Tracklisting:

Cover by Jason Roberts (Splatterhouse)
  • 1. Dominating Angels
  • 2. Deathshrouds Bestowed
  • 3. Scars of the Ultimate Downfall
  • 4. Ejaculation Upon the Holy Light
  • 5. Broken Pile of Flesh
  • 6. Conjuring the Angles of Oblivion
  • 7. Doctorine of the Fullmoon Hordes
  •  8. Rites of Walpurgisnacht




“Under Crimson Moons” Tracklisting:

Cover by Destroyer (Panzergod)
  • 9. Intro
  • 10. Under Crimson Moons
  • 11. Age of Diabolic Supremacy

Due out the last of April, this Infernal piece of Damnation and Perversion will surely be nothing but the Blackest of Blasphemes from one of the regions True Black Metal Strongholds.

Distros and Labels please EMAIL for wholesale/trades.



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