Oppressive Descent Channels Beautiful Disgust, Pessimism And Isolation In Debut On Exile Music(k)

Solo project of Panzergod and Death Fetishist‘s Grond Nefarious, Oppressive Descent will be releasing their debut offering through Exile Music(k) to celebrate Winter Solstice. “Death Was The Only Path We Knew” takes the listener through a pilgrimage of anguish and woe. Musically reminiscent of French, Russian and other pioneers of the DSBM scene of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the riffs sweep like wind through the woodlands with the pleasant sway of a newly noosed corpse from the Hanging Tree….

Oppressive Descent

“Death Was The Only Path We Knew”


Track List:

  1. Prologue
  2. As Ashes Fell Pt.1
  3. The Steel Was Met With Grieving Wounds
  4. play_button-256Onward To The Sepulchral Arch
  5. Suicide At A Funeral
  6. As Ashes Fell Pt.2

*cover art will be revealed closer to the release

This limited tape release will be of 66 hand-numbered copies with download code or Digital Download available through our Webstore and Bandcamp sites.

LABELS AND DISTROS PLEASE EMAIL FOR WHOLESALE/TRADES:                                                exilemusick@gmail.com



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