May 21st Tormentium Cd Release Of Bound To The Depths

May 21st will see the release of “Bound To The Depths” on limited Cd format. Tormentium’s first full length will have an 8 page insert and poster-card with artwork by Marlena Yokel. lyric_poster1.jpgAs Sky S. explains “”Bound To The Depths is a large body of work with a loose subjective theme: where the “depths” represents something different in each piece… your inner demons, desires, convictions, and damnations. The lyrics are mainly story-like narratives, reflecting these themes through characters, and ultimately reflecting metaphorically through the listener. The album as a whole flows like a story as well, guiding the listener through the aether of darkness to events of rage, insanity, and sacrifice.”.


coverThe intensity Tormentium puts forth on this album and live shows solidifies their place as one of the Northwest’s best kept secrets. A secret that is soon to unleash waves of volcanic anguish upon the unsuspecting…

For a full interview of Sky S. by Occult Black Metal Webzine, put on you oculars and spin the mouse over here…

To celebrate the Cd release, Famine Fest and Exile Music(k) have thrown together a night of ritual desecration, bringing Caligari Records artists Gloam and Eugene Oregon’s Hiding to Portland.

Tapes and Digital DL’s are still available in our Online Store and Bandcamp with the Cd version available March 21st.




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