Tormentium’s “Bound To The Depths” Released!

Exile Music(k) proudly presents the debut Full Length release of “Bound To The Depths”, an unforgiving opus of 8 songs delivering some of the Pacific Northwest’s most decimating Black/Death….

“Bound To The Depths is a large body of work with a loose subjective theme: where the “depths” represents something different in each piece… your inner demons, desires, convictions, and damnations. The lyrics are mainly story-like narratives, reflecting these themes through characters, and ultimately reflecting metaphorically through the listener. 3-Panel_JCard_FRONT_AIThe album as a whole flows like a story as well, guiding the listener through the aether of darkness to events of rage, insanity, and sacrifice.”

“Bound To The Depths” is available on Hi-bias Audio Cassette through our Bandcamp and Online Store. Included is a lyrics poster with art by Marlena Yokel.






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