Updates: Tormentium Record Release And Additions To The Webstore

The Tormentium release date of March 25th for “Bound To The Depths” will now also hold the date for an unmissable show including Eugene Oregon’s instrumental psychedelic/ambient/post metal band Ninth Moon Black who will coming off of a 2 year hiatus of live shows and In The Name Of God, who make their return to the stage following a 10 year split. Exile Music(k)’s own Daemoniis ad Noctum makes an appearance to welcome Tormentium into the ranks….The Show takes place at OLD NICK’S PUB in Eugene, OR March 25th @ 9pm

Look for these limited edition shirts from Tormentium celebrating the song”Black Womb” to be available at the show.12819177_1082257901837954_8042061875347120309_o

In the DISTRO Exile Music(k) is very proud to announce we will be carrying Headsplit Magazine,12792117_1015935165145355_730272151825406317_ostarting with #9! And will be adding about 140 new Tape titles in the next few months, so check our store and back here for lots of updated products and more announcements of upcoming releases!


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