“Fallen (In Defiance)”, Tormentium’s Offering Of Dismal Deluge

We now introduce the first peek at Tormentium‘s full length due out March 25th. “Fallen (In Defiance)” delivers all that has culminated in over a decade of the bands quintessence in pure force and emotion.

“Bound To The Depths” will be released on 100 hand numbered tape cassettes with lyrics- poster and also digital download through our Bandcamp with further formats in the works.

“Convened over a decade ago by participators of some of Pacific Northwest’s most aggressive black and death metal outfits, Tormentium inducts 2016 with “Bound to the Depths,” a deeply vicious document of obscure horrors, prideful rebellion, and psychological malign. Siphoning the maelstrom of human misery, the album speaks to the enlightenment of damnation and explorations into the sublime, uniting these convictions under a cultic banner of blackdeath savagery. “Bound to the Depths” is the hierarchical statement from a band embedded with the expressionism of passionate misanthropy.”
Remaining the essential core from its inception, Tormentium’s ranks are comprised of Sky S. (Splatterhouse), Wes B. (Hiding, Soul Scythe), Jesse L. (Ara), and John A. After a series of cryptic demos and promo discs, the early years culminated to the aggressive EP entitled “Cursed Beyond Flesh”, along with a split with Portland, OR. black-thrashers Infernus (Moribund Records). In 2012 the outfit followed with another split, this time partnering with Cult of Unholy Shadows of reclusive Oregonian notoriety. The work done on these releases, along with a decade of well received performances, have set the gloom firmly in the grain. This long, obscure history has laid the foundation for the melodically grandiose and chillingly painful invective of Tormentium’s mysterious “Bound To The Depths”.”

2 thoughts on ““Fallen (In Defiance)”, Tormentium’s Offering Of Dismal Deluge

  1. Any idea when a CD will be available? It’s a pity something this good will be on a cassette format first.

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