Daemoniis ad Noctum’s “Infinite Power In Death” T-Shirt By Jan Pysander Whitney

Daemoniis ad Noctum proudly announce their first T-Shirt design “Infinite Power In Death” inked by the very talented Jan Pysander Whitney at JDW Death my only Friend Artworks of Sweden, layout by Cäassimolär and to be printed by Nightgaunt Graphics in Oakland… These will be available February 20th at Famine Fest 2016 and on our online store after that.


12576269_10153427979983763_616666641_n“Besides being morbidly drawn to drawing demons and all kind of satanic shit all my life i started working in this audial current of hate and misery approximately 3 years ago, One of my first jobs was for the death metal band Incarceration’s first ep “Sacrifice”, if i remember correctly…Then I did little of this & that like zine border for Domain-zine,one T-shirt art for Acheron and two for Slaughterday (and also for their ep). I also did one poster for a Leichenzug vinyl/CD release and frame art (for member photos) to a re-release on the first album by Epithalium. Then I have more or less worked on 3-4 releases (cd,tape,vinyl,t-shirt,logos etc…) every month until now…I guess I stop when I die or people are fed up with my art, haha! I feel really honored for all the support, thats for sure!”12576145_10153427979933763_742189928_n“Some milestones from my “catalogue” is some that I already have mentioned but also The Likvann album, first Goddisease tape, Jarnvidr tape, Filthdigger “demo 2″tape,Nunslaughter cd/t-shirt, POX ep cover and t-shirts, Chotzä album, Manzer tape cover, Mephorash vinyl ep, Lord of Depression sigils and two works for the almighty black metal band Drowning the Lig.ht. (inside art to “From the Abyss” and the cover for a new coming 7″) And finally one of my recent album covers for the vile American horde Idolatry (out on Humanity’s Plague label),  I feel it’s become quite a monster. Plus much more… 12540460_10153427989283763_1266934840_nSo in other word s I am a happy slave for Satan! This is art for the rotten & enlightened.”


In addition to a constant work load of top tier Art,  Jan also runs and works on The Cloven Hoof and RAW WAR ‘zines.

CH cover promo 777






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