Tracklist released for Tormentium’s “Bound To The Depths”

Today we received the final mixes of Tormentium‘s album “Bound To The Depths” to be released on Exile Music(k) in the next coming months.  Wow! We are beyond excited to unleash this beast upon an undiscerning world! The track listing is as follows:

1: Bound To The Depths (3:31)601769_575403385829192_1640233162_n

2: Black Womb (8:11)

3: Melody Vitriol (9:23)

4: Fallen (In Defiance) (7:54)

5: Requiem Within(9:03)

6: Coils 1: Void Of Muse (8:51)

7: Coils 2: Plunging Vast Unknown (3:38)

8: Coils 3: Behind The Skin (15:07)

We will be bring you more updates as the release progresses so check back!


“Tormentium was summoned from the eternal grey of the Cascadian Willamette Valley, in Autumn of 2004. It was created with the intent of expressing their darkest musical vision beyond reality. As a metal band with elements of black, death and thrash, Tormentium has always tried to break the bonds of genre specifications and cultivate an honest sound that is grandiose, eerie, and melodically brutal.”


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