…and Black Circle Festival Has Announced The Line-Up For It’s 7th Installment

(Updated 1/4/2015)

The line-up has been announced and it’s a Bomber! A great show in diversity and talent with bands from many different ends of the Metal spectrum. We can’t wait!



Ash St. Saloon – 225 SW Ash St. Portland, Or 

April 7th-9th 2016

Here’s what it looks like with links to samples:

Abigail Williams (Atmospheric Black Metal from Candlelight Records)

Witchaven (Black Thrash from San Bernadino, Ca.)

Atriarch (Blackened Doom Metal/Deathrock from Portland, Or. Relapse Records)

A God or an Other (Atmospheric Post-Black Metal)

Labyrinth & The Desert (Avant-garde Doom from Seattle, Wa. featuring Nihilist ex-Abazagorath, ex-Stahlmantel, ex-Lord Gore, ex-Thy Infernal Ex-In Memorium on Vocals)

Barrowlands (Progressive Black Metal from Portland, Or.)

Grim Ritual (Blackened Death Metal from Portland, Or)

Absu (Occult Black/Thrash legends from Candlelight Records)

Christian Mistress (Female fronted Heavy Metal from Portland, Or & Olympia, Wa. Relapse Records)

Uada (Haunting Black Metal from Portland, Or.)

Shroud of the Heretic (Death Metal from Portland, Or. Iron Bonehead Productions)

Daemoniis ad Noctum (Blackened Occult Metal from Portland, Or)

Smutek (Lovecraftian Symphonic Black Metal from Eugene, Or.)

Grim Reaper (NWOBHM from England established in 1979)
Weregoat (Black Death from Portland, Or.)

Raptor (Black Thrash from Portland, Or.)

Imperial Triumphant (Avantgarde Black Metal from New York. Code666 Records)

Infernus (Black Thrash from Portland, Or. Moribund Records)

Nekro Drunkz (Thrash/Death/Grind from Portland, Or. Moribund Records)

Infernal Damnation (Death/Speed/Thrash from Maywood, Ca.)

Weresquatch (Thrash Metal from Portland, Or.)


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