Preview of “Dominating Angels” , the first track from the upcoming Panzergod full length tape on Exile Music(k)!

Track Listing
  1. Dominating Angels 5:07
  2. Deathshrouds Bestowed 4:22
  3. Scars of the Ultimate Downfall 3:44
  4. Ejaculation Upon the Holy Light 6:11
  5. Broken Pile of Flesh 7:12
  6. Conjuring the Angles of Oblivion 5:44
  7. Doctorine of the Fullmoon Hordes 5:52
  8.  Rites of Walpurgisnacht 8:18

Portland Oregon Black Metal stalwarts PANZERGOD will have their third full length

  “Deathshrouds Bestowed”

available on tape format in a limited 50 unit run next month on Exile Music(k). These will sell out fast so Distros contact us for details…

Expect nothing but the Blackest of Blasphemes from one of the regions True Black Metal Strongholds!

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